Subcommittees & Initial Projects

Pitt Success Pell Match Work Group

The subcommittee will focus on the Pitt Success Pell Match Program evaluation.

Members: Joe McCarthy, Patricia Beeson, Jessica LaVoice, Marla Ripoll, Melissa Warthen, Linda DeAngelo, Gina Garcia, Aaron Anthony, Lindsay Page, Breanne Donoghue, Linda Williams-Moore, Randall McCready, Kellie Kane, Ralph Bangs

Pitt Transition Study Work Group

The subcommittee will focus on pre-matriculation psychological intervention (formerly known as the College Transition Collaborative) and In-class belonging interventions in introductory biology and physics recitations. 

Members: Kevin Binning, Jessica Hatherill, Chad Burton, Lorna Kearns, James Huguley, Paulette Vincent-Ruiz, Linda DeAngelo, Karina Schumann, Chandralekha Singh, Tim Nokes-Mallach, Omid Fotuhi

Advising Network for Improvement Work Group

The subcommittee informs and helps to guide the work of the Pitt Advising and Student Success Networked Improvement Community by providing guidance for research questions and informed change practices.

Members: Julia Spears, April Belback, Kevin Binning, Amanda Brodish, Christian Schunn, Jennifer Iriti, Alaine Allen, Jennifer Russell, Sean Bridgen, Aaron Anthony, Brian Galla, Alison Legg