A Twine Tool-Kit for Creating Personalized Learning


Research shows that faculty resist the adoption of even very promising educational technologies because they lack the time, training, and support required to integrate new tools successfully. Given these challenges, our goal for this project is to develop a tool-kit that makes it easy, intuitive, and motivating for faculty to use Twine, a free, open-source game-development platform that allows instructors to create narrative-based, branching activities focused on key decisions and their consequences. A powerful and flexible tool, Twine is relevant in a wide variety of disciplines and ideal for creating personalized learning. However, while Twine is fairly easy to use, we believe faculty will require both pedagogical and technical help to adopt it successfully. Thus, our plan for this project is to develop a Twine tool-kit that walks faculty through the steps of building personalized learning activities in Twine. Moreover, we plan to build the tool-kit directly in Twine so that faculty experience personalized learning in Twine for themselves as they learn the skills to build personalized learning materials for their students.


Natalie Vazquez
Michelle Zuckerman