ROADMAP (Realizing an Organized, Adaptive, and Defined Master Advisor Program)


The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences believes that effective academic advising is a critical to student success. As such, the Dietrich School places a great emphasis on the advising process. However, the size of the Dietrich School, in terms of the number of students, departments, advisors, and approaches to advising, presents challenges when attempting to ensure a consistent and seamless advising experience throughout a student’s undergraduate career. Those challenges make greater the likelihood of a student having a potentially disparate or disjointed advising experience that could lead to difficulty in taking advantage of all that Pitt has to offer to create a truly customized undergraduate experience. This project seeks to begin to address those challenges by establishing the foundation for a collaboratively-designed and comprehensive advisor training program for advisors in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

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Derek Fischer