Personalized Education Opportunities within Pitt Studios


At Pitt, there are opportunities for students to get involved in the emerging field of video production. However, opportunities are currently limited to a type of production called post-production. What Pitt does not currently offer is the opportunity for students to learn live television broadcast skills. Personalized education through Pitt Studio is the answer to that need.

Pitt Studios, a new division within the University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department, encompasses the wide range of broadcast production initiatives that the Athletic Department is pursuing. From live broadcasts on the ESPN ACC Network, to studio based original programming, to partnerships with the world leader in remote broadcast production, Pitt Studios offers students hands-on opportunities to learn and network in the field of live broadcast. Upon graduation, students can leverage the skills they have learned at Pitt Studios into professional opportunities.

During the academic year 2018-19, the Athletic Department is going to host three student placement opportunities within Pitt Studios. Application to these positions is open to all Pitt students, but the placements are reserved for rising sophomores and juniors. After completing the placement, students will be eligible for paid control room positions during ACC Network broadcasts in 2019-20.


Kevin Wheeler
Greg Daniels
Liam Sporrer
Kelly Hammonds