Pathways for Civic Growth


The Pathways for Civic Growth project has four main aims: 1) to make high-impact community engaged experiences more visible and available to students, 2) to better support students as they discern among community-engagement experiences and develop a personalized body of community engagement experiences over the course of their education, 3) to engage in a cutting-edge approach to civic mentoring to maximize the impact of students’ community engagement experiences, and 4) to assess the impact of a cumulative body of community-engaged experiences on the Pitt student experience to provide an evidence base for further development of civic engagement as part of the Pitt student experience.


Olivia Kelley
Alexander Giorgetti
Ronald Idoko
Esohe R. Osai, Ph.D.
Wesley Lipschultz
Noah Krampe
Chaz Kellem
Alka Singh
Rachelle Hannah Haynik
Chase Mclntyre
Saket Rajprohat
Keith Caldwell
Kathryn Fleisher
Meredith Mavero
Shenay Jeffrey
Jessica Chong
Celeste Welsh
Omolade Olubowale
Justin Dandoy
Sarah Kurz
Zuri Kent-Smith
Jamie Ducar
Andre Sydnor