Media Production with UPTV: Students Educating Students


UPTV, a student organization since 2001, now combines three media clubs; UPTV, Pitt Tonight, and Pitt in Hollywood; together under one banner to produce digital content at the University of Pittsburgh. While the original mission of the club involved teaching basic production to any interested student, the shift in the media landscape and vision for the station has UPTV currently struggling to fulfill the needs of its members.

Since its founding, UPTV has been able to offer a unique way for students to obtain hands-on production experience while in college; this training is essential for any graduate entering the job market. We seek to increase our amount of equipment so that we can return to being a resource for the larger Pitt community. While Pitt has advanced or modern equipment that is institutionally owned, use of that equipment is restricted to students enrolled in particular courses. Consequently, this existing equipment does not impact a large group of students. UPTV would like to once again become a resource to fellow undergrads on Pitt's campus to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to gain production experience before entering the job field.


Caleb Porto
Jake Savitz
Cassidy Fischer
Erin Higgins