Working Group on Institutional Progress in Community Engagement

This working group is concerned with developing frameworks necessary to further institutionalize community engagement. Specifically, the working group is developing campus-wide definitions for key terms associated with community engagement, developing course attributes for community-engaged and civically-oriented classes, and adopting a set of institutional indicators that can be used to assess the progress of community engagement at Pitt.


  • Lina Dostilio (co-chair)
  • Joe McCarthy (co-chair)
  • Keith Caldwell
  • Willa Doswell
  • Thistle Elias
  • Kathryn Fleisher
  • Michael Glass
  • Everett Herman 
  • Kristin Kanthak
  • Chaz Kellem 
  • Mark Kramer 
  • Lara Putnam 
  • Rob Rodgers
  • David Sanchez
  • Geoffrey Wood