2022 Summit Session Recordings

Opening Keynote

Degree Finder: Empowering Students to Explore Academic Paths at Pitt

Flourish at Pitt – Promoting Emotional Well-Being

Navigating Challenging Advising Conversations

Mentoring and Advising First-Generation Graduate and Professional Students

Mentoring and Advising International Postdoctoral Fellows

Plenary Session - Mentorship 101: You Are Not Your Disability

Grad Plenary - Advising and Mentoring PhD Students for Careers Beyond Academia: Alumni Experiences

Postdoc Plenary - Supporting Postdoctoral Fellows’ Wellness

Boyer 2030: Advising and Student Success

Advisors and Mentors as Ambassadors of Belonging: A Masterclass on How to get the Belonging Message Right

Pitt's Provost Academy

CivWiz: Gamified, Mobile Civic, and Cultural Learning

Advancing Meaningful Mentoring at the University of Pittsburgh: The Mentoring Academy

Incorporating a Coaching Approach into Advising and Mentoring

Beyond the 50-Minute Hour: Translating the benefits of mental health counseling into advising, mentoring, coaching, and other structures for supporting student well-being and success

Pitt ACT: an Online Certification and Training Program to Promote Equitable Access to Resources

Helping Conditionally Admitted Students Succeed through a Bridge Program at Pitt-Greensburg

“You Speak Good English!” The Hidden Messages of Microaggressions

Personalized Professional Development: Enhancing Job Planning for Career Starters, Switchers, and Enhancers

Career Development Plans: A Purposeful Approach to Postdoctoral Training

Advising Redesign at R1/R2: Four Case Studies

Closing Plenary - Pathways to Success: Pitt Student Advising and Mentoring Stories

Grad Closing Plenary - A Conversation with the School Ombuds: Helping Graduate Students Navigate Current Challenges

Post Doc Closing Plenary - Mentoring Postdocs for Careers Beyond Academia

UERU Closing Plenary - Dismantling Systemic Burdens on Students’ Mental Health: Nobody’s Perfect